Field Guide to Life: Addiction Recovery Support App Reviews

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I’m thankful, so grateful for this app and the new beginning for my life. It is blessing to have come across field guide as I seek guidance for this way of life. Thank you!

Please add SA, SLA or SAA

Nice app. Great for tracking progress and triggers. I wish it had SA, SLA or SAA info. I love Hazeden’s literature; which includes sex addition.

Wonderful reminder in the evening

I'm grateful for this app and its ability remind me at 4:55 to plan for my evening. It helps to keep me focused and counting my blessings. If I don't want to be "outted" I turn off the notifications. I also really like the ability to forward text of the main body or email the whole page. If I want to send the whole page as a text I can always select all and copy. I appreciate the day tracker and the relapse planner. I need to complete that but I'm glad it's there. And the SOS button, while I've not yet had to use it, feels like it could be a life saver.

Just Awful

This was really a waste of money, so little to it. I can't understand how something like this could be released for any reason other than to exploit those suffering souls that are desperate for sobriety. Content is very much geared to newcomers - trust me don't waste your money on this. All I got from my purchase was a resentment for being ripped off.

Not Anonymous

This app sends notifications that will out your addict to anyone picking up your phone.


This app is a great way to start your day. It reminds you of where you are and carries a motivational message to help you "one day at a time". I really look forward to it first thing each morning.


I love the messages in this app.

This is a great product ruined by ??

I have 14+ years in recovery. I love Hazelden products and own 4 other apps. This app was $$$$ but it looked good so I bought it. After I paid and began using it, I found out that I Could NOT send a page to someone else even though the option to email a step guide for the day shows up in the tabs at the bottom of the page. You can send the title of the page and the first paragraph only. Anything after that, you're out of luck. Why, I thought, would a company do that? I sent a message to tech support and the support staff replied "that was the way the program was set up." So apparently Hazelden doesn't want me to share anything with a sponsee without them buying their own copy. I CANNOT recommend this product. I suspect that greed ruined the design of what should have been a great source of info for those of us in recovery. ""You may mark your favorites with a note and even share them with a friend.""" This line is taken directly from the developer's web site. NOT TRUE! You can only share the first paragraph.

Great App!

Very helpful, well thought out me just what I need each day to help guide me in the right direction. Highly recommend!

Not getting it...

I like apps that help you articulate defects or feelings, but a lot of this app seems to be a "how to guide", and that's dumb. The how to house is in the Big Book and found through fellowship, so help with motivation and meditation is always awesome , but it seems silly for an iPhone app to be so specific in instructions for something like that. I like some of the features, and I like the idea of challenges . App has potential

Well done

One of the best parts of my day is checking in with this app...

Great additional tool

I like the app for the purpose of having something immediately available to me to keep me focused on moving forward in my recovery. The discretion the app provides by being phone based recovery is a plus too.


This app has enough bug to call Terminex ! Can reset the counter to the correct sonority counter for appropriate info where I am . The IPad app is not much better. Can't believe Hazleton has their name on it!

SO DISAPPOINTED. Xtremely poor

Given this is a Hazelden application, I never thought it was so poor. Having the 12 steps just listed, with nothing else, is a joke. Wish I could get my money back, and declutter my Ipad. There is not one thing it does for me that other apps already do in a much richer way.

Great app

I use this app every day. I can see my days sober. I use every part of this app. I like the challenges this offers & use it ever where I am. It's another great tool to keep me clean & sober.

Love it

I have used this app everyday for strength and guidance. Would be lost without it.

Daily reminder to stay sober

Really grateful 4 this app, which provides daily motivation along with great tips for staying sober. If nothing else, just reading the 12 steps every day helps. Highly recommend. I need all the help I can find.


I don't find this app very user friendly. I was so looking forward to applying its lessons but I can't seem to operate it easily. I am really grateful that it has helped a lot of people because therefore it helps all of us!


Great app!

Great Resource

I use this app everyday. If you're interested in recovery get this app. It's a real treasure and helps me.


I love this app, read it twice every morning, my iPad is two months ahead even when i had to replace my phone and the program started over, i thought it was a sign to look at step one again in my opinion, yes its expensive and yes it does group addicts together, but it well worth the price of one drink Enjoy. Excellent practical stuff to do one day at a time, videos are excellent

Not worth the money!

Cluttered and overwhelming. Nice try, but highly over priced. I am an app developer and this is not worth the money. Former addict ripping off other addicts.

My Lifeline

I don't get where the prior reviewer is coming from. This is a wonderful app! I just got out of treatment with a mix of alcoholics and addicts-- most were both--and this app gives me that extra coaching I need each day. It helps me stay engaged, focused, and on track with my recovery. Recovery needs to be a unified experience. Seriously, we would have alcoholics and addicts divided? Ridiculous! BUY THIS APP! It's cheap and an amazing resource.

Was hoping it was good....

Please be careful with this app. I know the newcomer will be attracted to this app. It seems like a great idea to new people but not to those who really know and live the AA program. I was hoping it would be a great tool. I bought it just to see, so I could use and recommend. I am very, very, involved in the AA fellowship. For twelve years, meetings every day and very involved in the service structure. I loved this idea and it would be so handy to use. The big problem is that the app deals with Alcoholics and Addicts. The popular believe is that a drug, is a drug, is a drug. That is definitely not the case. If there was a separate app for each, that would be very helpful. The language here is all mixed with drug and alcohol references mixed together. The glue that holds the common bond together in AA is the power of identification. With this type of language, the message at meetings just gets weaker. This is the main reason that AA has stopped growing in the last ten years. It use to double every ten years. As many members leave AA today, as those putting time together. Addicts experiences are very different than alcoholics. All addicts are welcome to AA, as long as they have a desire to stop drinking, and stick to the AA and Big Book message. This language will only water down and confuse the AA message and all will suffer. Two separate apps would be wonderful, if you really care about those suffering from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, please separate the two. Both will benefit greatly by that. Please an app, strictly for AA and one for NA. This way the language would be what is in the Big Book of AA. Lives will be saved, I am afraid to tell you this, but it is true, people will die because of this diluted message. Thanks for your hard work...

Place mark

Overall good. Wish one could start the readings at places within the sections instead of only being able to reset to the beginning of a section.

use it everyday-love action items

meeting on the go but with action items, better than just a passive reading.


Nice app for keeping track of multiple areas of recovery. Only negative is that it doesn't actually locate meetings, only open the Maps app.

Very Helpful, Fresh, and Encouraging!

I especially appreciate the research-based facts that are presented in this app. The support to help with preventing relapse is also very good.

Very helpful!

I love this app! Haven't had any of the glitches others complain about thankfully.

Great with a little bug?

Fabulous program. Mine is opening and upon navigating to the # of days sober page, it sticks there and does not allow you to leave that page. Seems to be a glitch. I'm a power iOS user so I don't think I'm missing anything. All you can access on that page is the Settings button. So as far as I can tell the only way to get back to the home page is to kill the app and restart it and avoid that page. Hope that is helpful and it can be fixed. I'm on the latest iPad and iOS. Thank you very much. I'm holding off on the more expensive bundle until I see if that gets fixed.


Good app! Look at it every day faithfully. Helps.

Very Useful & Inspirational

Am so glad to have right at my fingertips. If not grabbing one of my books this is next best thing. 6 1/2 mths sober here! :)))

Really Cool

I use this almost every day for quick inspiration. I love seeing my sober days adding up. The videos are great! When I travel the meeting finder is helpful. Im definitely going to recommend this to the people I'm sponsoring. Only thing that could make this better is if the Google map showed times for meetings.

Not just the obvious stuff!

This is a great App! Even with 4 years clean and sober I makes me think and dig every time I open it. Love the tracking statistic. Worth the $.

A great tool to start your day with ......

Outstanding... App..... I use it all the time !!!

Pretty good App

Good app, a lot of focus on recovery. PLEASE GET IT IN LANDSCAPE mode for the iPad, please.


Easy to use. Nice way to start my day.

Amazing tool for recovery!!

This is keeping me sane and sober!! Wonderful app, and a must for those who are effectively working the steps.


Helpful, good info, BUT some downsides as well. The meeting finder is very ineffective and the update didn't do anything to improve it on my end.It could be one of the most useful tools,but it simply doesn't work.Also, for $6.99,I expected a little more. publishes some of the most effective recovery literature and wish a daily meditation or something of that sort would have been included.Overall would recommend.

Wonderful app

I've been waiting for an app like this! It's full of helpful stuff and I like that it gives me simple straightforward things to do that show me I'm making progress getting sober.

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